infrared london

Studio Visit, Craft Week

Stockholm 2021

Theo ledin, 2019

scoby baby, 2021

one day blooming flower in

flower (cactus)

Klara and Simon @ Älaking

shoot bts

directed by André Vaara

costumes and stills, xr london,


elliphant as a mother, bts, 2021

 costume + stills, xr london, 2019

brexit 2018 london

Organic Sweden Campaign, 2020

self portrait 2018

organic sweden 2020
shortfilm by Nathlie Alvarez

Mesen bts 

Älskling,, short film, bts

Directed by André Vaara

La Sang X Gota , 2021

Veronika Murarikova 

iceland and wall beds